Higher SEO Score

7 Quick Steps to a Higher SEO Score

1. Related titles on all your photos
2. More than one external link
3. Back links
4. Keyword repetition throughout the article or site
5. Paragraph length and readability
6. Word Count and relevance
7. List or short paragraph in <h2> for snippet

A quick guide to getting a higher SEO score

A Higher SEO score

Search engine optimization can be quickly fixed to obtain a higher SEO score with only a few steps. 

Related titles on all your photos:

When you are building a website from scratch or using a site-building developer you should always use alt text on your photos. As well as labeling the titles of your photos to something relevant to the SEO title that you choose.

If you are writing about the most famous local cuisine in all of Atlanta. The focus Keywords is something like “cuisine of Atlanta”. Your titles should relate to that chosen keyword combo. The closer the better. If the image is a picture of a plate of shrimp. Your title could be “cuisine of Atlanta plate of shrimp”. The small the keyword for your SEO the easier it will be to incorporate it into your writing. Just remember to make it relevant to what others will be searching for. 

More than one external link:

Links out are good in a sense of SEO. External links are both a more stable metric and an easier metric to measure when it comes to the popularity of your site.  This is because traffic numbers are buried in private server logs while external links are publicly visible and easily stored. For this reason and others, external links are a great metric for determining the popularity of a given web page. Links provide relevant clues that are tremendously valuable for search engines.

Links tend to point to related content. This helps search engines establish knowledge hubs on the Internet that they can then use to validate the importance of a given web document. When righting you will create the anchor text, usually a short phrase that is easily read by the viewer. while Google or another search engine is looking at the domain sited in the link. 

For example, an external link on Atlanta cuisine will look like “short e’s top 10” google will read the actual domain link and give it relevance to your topic but grouping. 


Backlinks are probably the hardest to start to generate but they count for a lot with ranking in a higher SEO score. In basic terms, they are the links that a used on other reputable sites.

There are many ways to gain backlinks. You can reach out to others who are speaking about your subject and ask if they would like to form a relationship catering to backlinks. or as I like to call it you scratch my “backlinks” and I’ll scratch yours.

In all seriousness developing a professional relationship with journalists, publicists, or businesses that are looking at topics or specialize in your field is a great way to develop backlinks for your site. Responding to journalist requests by sending them a quick relevant statement on the topic they are writing about is another way to develop backlinks. 

Keyword repetition throughout the article or site:

Imputing your chosen keyword throughout your site creates a repetition that Google will see when they are crawling your post or page. For you writing about Atlanta food it would be “cuisine of Atlanta” when you can add this phrase into your work is recommended but what is not recommended is adding the phrase everywhere without actually have relevance to the conversation.

Word count and readability:

Never did you think that outside of grade school that you would be judged for your writing having to be a certain length. Here is where it is relevant or makes sense. When you are writing an article on your cuisine of Atlanta your writing should be about 600 words or more. if you need to add a little fluff to get it there try to make sure what you are saying at least relates back to the topic. 

Paragraph length and readability:

Make sure that your paragraphs are an appropriate length for reading. When your work becomes too dense for the reader to utilize it. This will inevitably relate to your score becoming lower. 

Try to keep them at about 5-6 lines at the max just read through your work and where you find you can add a break just do it. 

Snippets Image higher SEO search


You want to try to go after the snippet category for your site. It is the best chance that a site with a lower score has to be hosted at the top of a Google search for the respective topic. This will depend on the hierarchy that you built into your article.

 Google will look for <H1>’s usually discerned as titles and <h2>’s that are usually discerned as list titles or subheaders. use the <h2> tag when creating lists. This will allow Google to see the hierarchy of the site and determine a list relevant to being used as a snippet. Using list formate as well 1. 2. 3. in combination with the titles will also help Google decern the list for the snip upon its crawl. 


Follow this guide and start your path to a higher SEO score. Good luck and we will see you at the top of the page search!


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