What Web Hosting Should You Use

What Web Hosting You Should Use

Web hosting guide to choosing the right service.

Web Hosting

First, you should understand what web hosting is.

Basically, Web hosting is renting space online to show your website, HTML, CSS, or images. Webhosting platforms have servers set up with the ability to connect your website to others who are searching for it. 

There are a variety of web hosting platforms that you could explore, but for today we will be sharing a few good choices. Choosing the right hosting plan is important. Most businesses rely on online marketing or having their brand seen by as many people as possible. 

You want to select a hosting that has good site security as well. Speed reliability is important, if someone lands on your page but it is taking too long to load, they will think there is a problem. That in itself could cause a company to lose business fast.



Bluehost is a classic hosting platform that offers great speed and security allowing the user to manage multiple sites at once.

Fully integrated with website platforms such as WordPress or build a cloud site directly from Bluehost.

Their trained customer support line is quick and knowledgeable about any issue that you may be having. Blue host has site integration and an automatic email upon site creation.

They allow you to upload any relevant file types such as:


Build directly in the hosting site or just upload your website, either way, it will work well with Blue Host.

Site protecting and HTTPS enforcement comes included with Bluehost. You will be able to protect your domains with encrypted services and give your website that gray lock at the top of the address bar. 

Site ground is a simple hosting to use. We recommend this for users who are building more than one website, for the cost of a subscription is probably the most expensive.

Site ground allows you to build or upload your own website or create your website with WordPress.

They allow you to upload any relevant file types such as:

They have dedicated support teams that can guide you through any problem that you may have.

Site ground offers HTTPS enforcement or wildcard. This protection includes the images on your site as long as they are your own images.

Remember that there are different types of Webhosting out there. Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud, Reseller

Here is an overview from a Namecheap article.



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